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Tip #162: Read Braitenberg's 'Vehicles'

Valentino Braitenberg’s Vehicles is one of our favorite books. We came across it in the early 2000s and discovered that it is an inspirational and foundational book to many practitioners of “creative coding.” In “Vehicles,” Braitenberg presents a series of thought experiments meant to get to the essence of what constitutes behavior, to ask questions about the line between natural and artificial, and more. Small, artful, and very deep, “Vehicles” is our favorite kind of book - the kind you can read once and think about for a lifetime.

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Tip #178: Read a NYTimes profile of Alton Brown

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Tip #177: Read about the link between deep neural nets and ... the universe

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Tip #176: Listen to Samiyam and Earl Sweatshirt - Mirror

We a) love almost anything that Stones Throw puts out and b) are consistently impressed by how much better [Earl Sweatshirt](http://earlsweatshirt.com/) gets with each track,... » Read More |

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