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Tip #130: Learn how to smoke food with your grill

We know you probably needed this tip before the July 4th weekend, but theres still an entire summer to experiment in the outdoors with the magic of smoke. Smoking foods (especially, but not limited to, meat) are one of the oldest forms of preserving food. As a culture we’ve now fallen in love with the flavor of smoke and now want to add it to foods without care of its ability to preserve. You might think that you need lots of equipment and space to properly smoke food, but we’ve been consistently getting great results from our classic Weber kettle grill for over a decade now. There are a lot of tricks to getting the temperature and atmosphere just right and unfortunately (but typically) the internet is filled with conflicting information on what is the proper way to achieve the best results. We’ve found that the most important thing is starting with a two zone fire. From there, adding at least one water tray and learning how to control your intake vents allow you to maintain the temperature over a long period of time. Practice and tweaking really make perfect here, but we’ve relied on a number of great books to guide us. Our copies of The BBQ Bible and Charcuterie are well worn and filled with great recipes. More recently, MEATHEAD has added some scientific research and suggestions to our repertoire.

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