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Tip #103: Learn about RAFT and Distributed Consensus

If you work on the internet (and especially in the world of systems programming), eventually you’re going to run into problems that fall under the umbrella of distributed computing. One of the most common and oldest problems is distributed consensus. How do you get a group of different systems that can potentially be disconnected at any time agree on a common state? This becomes increasingly important (and hard) when you’re dealing with large numbers of nodes and you want near real time guarantees about data. Recently, a group of Ph.D. students worked towards a goal of creating an algorithm for distributed consensus that was easy to describe, understand, and implement: Raft. The paper is great, because its goal is to be readily understood, but theres also a great visualization on The Secret Lives of Data. Even if systems programming and dist-sys 101 isn’t you’re thing, theres lots to learn here.

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