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Tip #93: Read Jim Harrison

Jim Harrison was bigger than life. When he passed away earlier this year, us and many of our food and literature fanatic friends were saddened - it didn’t seem possible that any foe could outsmart Harrison. He had words. He had ideas. He had an appetite. For everything. In this amazing culinary memoir The Raw and the Cooked, Harrison describes feasts as feats that you would not believe. Even if the idea of eating 3 dozen oysters and drinking two bottles of champagne before dinner doesn’t sound appetizing to you, trust us, you want to hear Harrison retelling the tale. To give you an idea, here’s one of the last poems he wrote before he left us:

My work piles up,
I falter with disease.
Time rushes toward me —
it has no brakes. Still,
the radishes are good this year.
Run them through butter,
add a little salt.

Celebrate Jim and read his words. And live your life like you have an appetite that no one would believe unless they were there to witness it.

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