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Tip #91: Watch the SICP lectures

The Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs, better known as SICP (full text available online here) is perhaps the greatest textbook on computation and programming to every be written - depending on who you ask. We’re certainly huge fans of the book - the way that it introduces the reader to the mathematical underpinnings of the the Lisp family of programming languages is unequaled. The book is also funny, strange, deep, and has a wizard on the cover. What more could you ask for? In 1986, SICP author Gerald Sussman lectured a group of engineers at Hewlett-Packard, using the book as a guide. The videos are all online for free, and along with the book can really change the way you think about programming. Make it all the way through the lecture on meta-circular interpreters, and you might even get to see an outfit change. Watch these and grow your brain! [Video link here]

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Tip #176: Listen to Samiyam and Earl Sweatshirt - Mirror

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