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Tip #82: Watch the story of the science software in the Mars Curiosity

Like a lot of kids who grew up in the 80s we have always been space nerds. When NASA launched the Curiosity Rover to Mars almost 4 years ago, of course we were extremely excited. As software developers, we were were even more interested to hear about how these engineers solved the complex problems of running a remote moving laboratory on Mars. Recently, we found this video of Dr. Kathryn Weiss, from the NASA JPL, describing some of the software challenges and solutions they used. We love hearing about how different (but at the same time similar) building software for a rover is from our seemingly trivial work of building web applications is.

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Tip #177: Read about the link between deep neural nets and ... the universe

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Tip #176: Listen to Samiyam and Earl Sweatshirt - Mirror

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