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Tip #64: Burn your greens

Spring is in the air on the East Coast of the USA, and we’re planning on burning some stuff in celebration. We recently saw our first season bunch of fresh dandelion greens at the market and couldn’t resist coming home and doing what we love to do with vegetables: burn them.[1] Sure we like raw vegetables too, and even gently cooked ones, but there’s something about the outrageous application of direct heat to fresh vegetables that does something for us: burned parts, almost fresh parts, and everything in-between. As spring comes on in full force, and you see yourself surrounded with beautiful, leafy greens, ask yourself: can I burn this?

[1] We made a “fake gratin”: tossed the greens with some diced garlic, ricotta cheese, good olive oil, and a ton of breadcrumbs, and baked it at 500 degrees until it looked nice and dark.

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