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Tip #62: Listen to mrb's 'Now Freedom Now' mix

We both grew up collecting things (comic books, baseball cards, embarrassing stories) and for better or worse, continue to indulge our hoarder-like tendencies into our 30s (cookbooks, records, even more embarrassing stories). Over the years we’ve begun to try and synthesize what we’ve learned from our collections and make new things with them. We’re writing a cookbook, and we like to take our collections of music and put them together in interesting ways for others to enjoy. mrb does this every so often with his record collection and this is one of those every so oftens: Check out the ‘Now Freedom Now’ mix on Soundcloud and dig some jazz, music from Brazil, rock from wherever, and more. When you’re done, come back and tell us that you like it, so we have more excuses to collect things!

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