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Tip #59: Celebrate programming languages (co)created by women

We’re super lucky to be alive at a time when you can learn about amazing people and their research by keeping up with them on the internet (yes, we’re talking about Twitter). One of the best folks we’ve met through that medium is Dr. Chris Martens (emphasis ours, we’re proud of her), who does very, very interesting work at the intersection of games, programming languages, logic, and creativity. Super, super cool stuff. In addition to producing novel work, she’s a fan of remembering our roots and celebrating often overlooked participants in our collective intellectual history. To that end she maintains an awesome list of programming languages (co)created by women. We recommend checking the list out, adding to it if you have something to add, and remembering that beyond the well-known “heroes” of our fields are plenty of pioneers who time will forget if we don’t do the (fun) work of remembering them.

Pictured is Christine Paulin-Mohring, the co-creator of the Coq proof assistant.

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