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Tip #47: Filter all your cooking water

We’d heard stories about how some big restaurants have crazy water filtration systems, but it wasn’t until we read the essay about water in Relae: A Book of Ideas. Christian Puglisi convinced us to try making a chicken stock with filtered water and one without and try to taste the difference. It was actually one of the most surprising kitchen moments we’ve had in a long time. The difference was profound. Obviously this depends on the state of your tap water (maybe this doesn’t matter in NYC), but now we use filtered water for all our our cooking and baking. When you step back and think about it, this makes perfect sense - if your water has an off taste without being filtered, of course this will translate to the final product like any other ingredient. This is especially true in foods that are predominately water: bread/pizza, coffee, soups/stocks. Try it for yourself and you might up your flavor game instantly.

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