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Tip #46: Read the story of Word Perfect

We love reading real world tales of how business can succeed and fail by the will of their leaders. “Almost Perfect” by W.E. Pete Peterson tells the story of the rise and fall of the Word Perfect corporation. We remember using Word Perfect in DOS as our first word processor, little did we know (until we read this recently) the very interesting story of the company that made it. A lot of the ideas that Pete Peterson led by were completely against what is considered “best practice” in the startup world today. It’s hard to parse what worked and what didn’t here but it’s invaluable to see this very different perspective. The goals were noble, the execution was unique:

Our purpose was to write, sell, and support the finest software in the world. It was not to make huge piles of money or to grow in order to provide continuing opportunities for employees or to raise money to help teenagers say no to drugs. While all of these other purposes were perfectly fine, our reason for existence was to provide the world with great software.

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