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Tip #43: Play with Mary Rose Cook's Drum Machine

Mary Rose Cook helped build and shape one of our favorite institutions, The Recurse Center, which is renowned for empowering individuals to do amazing things with computers. Mary herself is no slouch with computers, giving talks that are often live-coding high-wire acts: building games, drum machines, small programming languages, you name it. Mary recently released A pure JavaScript Drum Machine that weighs in at a hefty 114 lines of code - heavily annotated. Creative code projects like this are difficult to pull off, but Mary has produced something fun to use with a pedagogical implementation that you can actually learn from. Check out the talk, play with the toy itself, and study the code.*

By playing with this drum machine on our recommendation, you hereby promise to pay Beats, Rye, & Types a royalty of 5% on any club bangers you create with this technology.

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