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Tip #41: Watch Carin Meier on Chemical Computing

In her talk from StrangeLoop 2015 our friend Carin Meier gave an intriguing presentation looking at programming from a different angle. Chemical Computing relies on reactions to model how programs can interact. Regardless of the applications to day to day, this is one of those much needed reminders to question our fixed notions of how to write and think about code. A couple of months ago we we’re lucky enough to talk to Carin about everything from clojure to mystical goat towers. We continue to look forward to what other work she’ll explore.

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Tip #178: Read a NYTimes profile of Alton Brown

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Tip #177: Read about the link between deep neural nets and ... the universe

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Tip #176: Listen to Samiyam and Earl Sweatshirt - Mirror

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