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Tip #34: Watch the Google Ventures 'Unconscious Bias @ Work' video

Unconscious bias is a pernicious force that is a part of our day-to-day interactions with other human beings regardless of who we are or where we are. If you don’t know what unconscious bias is or why it’s so bad, Google Ventures published this video on YouTube of an informational session they held on some of the research they have been doing to understand unconscious bias in order to “prevent it from negatively impacting [Google’s] decision making.” The speaker brings the crowd through some exercises that are very illuminating, and are convincing enough in practice to get even the most hardened and cynical individuals to see that there is something very real to the negative impact of unconscious bias (in the small and in the aggregate), particularly when power structures are at play like they are in a professional environment. Watch this video, learn about yourself, and then pass it on to your friends, family, colleagues, and managers. Especially your managers.

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