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Tip #33: Learn how to 'flavor bounce' from Grant Achatz

Grant Achatz is one of our favorite artists - he just happens to be a chef (and restaurateur, author, entrepreneur, etc.). Neither of us have ever eaten in any of his restaurants (though mrb did spend a week there one night at his bar-inside-a-bar, The Office), but we have pored over his cookbook, read his story, and watched him in awe from afar. Achatz is such an inspiration to us because beyond his incredible story, he does the seemingly impossible: he makes new food. We came across a video a few years ago, published by his restaurant Alinea, where he clues us all in on one of his secrets for finding new and interesting flavor combinations that won’t make you gag, and might even inspire you. There’s something almost engineering-like to this approach - we think you’ll enjoy it. Watch the lesson in video form by clicking here.

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