Daily Tips

There are currently 179 tips: 59 about food, 46 about computers, 52 about music, and 24 about life.

Tip #178: Read a NYTimes profile of Alton Brown

This latest profile of Alton Brown in the NYT gives us a little peak at one of our favorite food ‘celebrities’. We’ve been a... » Read More |

Tip #177: Read about the link between deep neural nets and ... the universe

Artificial intelligence and deep neural nets are taking over the technology landscape, or so it seems if all you do is read Twitter. Which is... » Read More |

Tip #176: Listen to Samiyam and Earl Sweatshirt - Mirror

We a) love almost anything that Stones Throw puts out and b) are consistently impressed by how much better Earl Sweatshirt gets with each... » Read More |

Tip #175: Implement a Wireworld

We love cellular automata - everything from the theory behind them that shows up all over Computer Science research, to their appealing visual presentation just... » Read More |

Tip #174: Make some chicken soup

When it starts getting cold, all we want is chicken soup. Maybe some matzo balls. Yes, you can buy soup in a jar, a box,... » Read More |

Tip #173: Stir fry some greens

Over the many many many meals we’ve had at Congee Village, we came to love the simply stir fried greens of many varieties that... » Read More |

Tip #172: Listen to Kim Gordon's new single

Sonic Youth is one of our all-time favorite bands, and since the band’s demise we’ve seen a lot of interesting activities from its members. While... » Read More |

Tip #171: Watch Large Professor make a beat

If you’ve never watched a beat getting made before, its a pretty fun process to watch. A producer takes some records from a crate, takes... » Read More |

Tip #170: Slow roast all of those extra tomatoes

It’s September. Those tomatoes you were dreaming about back in May are now taking over your life. Your neighbor doesn’t want any more of your... » Read More |

Tip #169: Make David Chang's Corn with Bacon and Miso Butter

If you haven’t been stuffing your face with corn for the past few weeks you’re probably doing summer wrong. One of our go to summer... » Read More |

Tip #168: Learn how public key cryptography works with clocks and paint

Cryptography is one of those subject areas that even wizened computer programmers seem to be afraid of. We certainly don’t consider ourselves security experts and... » Read More |

Tip #167: Read Seymour Papert's work

Seymour Papert recently passed away and we were taken aback by the depth and quality of his work once again. He was a deeply compassionate... » Read More |

Tip #166: Read a Mozzarella Story

A couple of years ago, Calvin Trillin wrote about a recently vanished New York institution, “Joe’s Dairy”. It falls into a many categories we... » Read More |

Tip #165: Listen to 'Musik von Harmonia'

In our quest to indoctrinate everyone into the various oddball corners of music from different parts of the world, we fear we haven’t done enough... » Read More |

Tip #164: Read about the Ugandan Film Industry

We don’t remember who sent us this facsinating long read about Wakaliwood, the action film industry in Uganda but it was one of those... » Read More |

Tip #163: Watch Jacques Pepin make an omelette

Jacques Pépin is a legendary figure in the food world. A classically trained chef who has since become one of the biggest television personalities in... » Read More |

Tip #162: Read Braitenberg's 'Vehicles'

Valentino Braitenberg’s Vehicles is one of our favorite books. We came across it in the early 2000s and discovered that it is an inspirational... » Read More |

Tip #161: Listen to the Vijay Iyer Trio

We spend a lot more time in the dusty crates of jazz vs the more contemporary artists, but once in a while an artist puts... » Read More |

Tip #160: Eat more canned fish

We weren’t always into canned fish. We didn’t understand what pleasures lurked beneath the strange metal tops. But we have seen the light. In the... » Read More |

Tip #159: Coffee plus Tonic equals very delicious

The last days of summer have us eating lots and lots of produce, trying to spend as much time outside as possible, and drinking lots... » Read More |

Tip #158: Read Tomatoland by Barry Estabrook

We’ve been fan’s of Barry Estabrook’s writing since his politics of the plate series at Gourmet. We finally read Tomatoland recently and it... » Read More |

Tip #157: Listen to Cradle of Humanity

In our frequent wanderings through Bandcamp in search of new music, we recently stumbled on The Black Jesus Experience’s new album Cradle of... » Read More |

Tip #156: Read Alex Hillman on Community Building

As we discussed in a recent episode of our podcast, we’ve been very interested in community building lately. One of our favorite places to... » Read More |

Tip #156: Make some cold sesame noodles

AQ doesn’t have a decent Chinese takeout place where he lives now. This is somewhat of a travesty since we spent most of our life... » Read More |

Tip #155: Listen to 'Garcia'

Considering how much Grateful Dead we’ve listened to over the years, we’re pretty proud of ourselves for not constantly telling you to listen to them.... » Read More |

Tip #154: Install the Earth View Extension

Earth View is a simple but awesome Chrome extension we discovered a few years ago that we appreciate constantly. All it does is show... » Read More |

Tip #153: See the data with VisuAlgo

Learning about data structures has been one of the coolest and most rewarding parts of our adventures with computers lo these many years. Understanding the... » Read More |

Tip #152: Listen to @thesporkful 'This Hot Dog Tastes Like Home'

Dan Ashman’s Podcast The Sporkful is one of our favorites, and his recent episode about food memories around hot dogs was one of... » Read More |

Tip #151: Make some spice blends

As we’ve been diving into the Zahav cookbook, we were reminded of the amazing world of spice blending, and realized we had to tip about... » Read More |

Tip #150: Listen to Drew Howard & Birthday Boy

This summer has been all about listening to music from “The 6” - mainly because of Drake’s Views. It’s led us to discover... » Read More |

Tip #149: Read the Movement For Black Lives Platform

We were beyond thrilled today to see the release of The Movement For Black Lives Platform. Here’s what it’s all about: “In response... » Read More |

Tip #148: Make @thefoodlab's Black Bean Burgers

The past year has brought a little bit of a revolution in veggie burgers. We were seriously obsessed with Superiority Burger’s take on the... » Read More |

Tip #147: Check out 'The Morning Paper'

The Morning Paper is a fabulous resource produced by Adrian Colyer, which he describes as: “The Morning Paper: a short summary of an... » Read More |

Tip #146: Read Asimov's Foundation Trilogy

We’re big fans of early science fiction (what we’ve sometimes heard referred to as Ray Bradbury referred to as ‘The Fiction of Ideas’) and one... » Read More |

Tip #145: Listen to Broadcast 'Tender Buttons'

Broadcast is one of those bands that we didn’t pay too much attention to the first time around. For whatever reason we never heard them... » Read More |

Tip #144: Cook everything out of the Zahav Cookbook

Something about the heat of summer makes us want to: Smother everything in fresh herbs Drink tahini like its a water Cook everything over... » Read More |

Tip #143: Watch Altman's '3 Women'

Robert Altman was one of America’s greatest living artists. A filmmaker unlike any other, his takes on humanity, mystery, pain, love, and art were... » Read More |

Tip #142: Listen to Michael Twitty on the Munchies Podcast

We’ve been following Michael Twitty for a while now and are extremely excited for his upcoming book, The Cooking Gene. We love food... » Read More |

Tip #141: Listen to Digable Planets

It’s the summer. We love rap music. Digable Planets “Reachin…” is one of the greatest Hip-Hop albums of all time. More than the hits. Like... » Read More |

Tip #140: Read Simone White's interview with Vince Staples

Continuing on the poet train … The poet Simone White recently interviewed one of our favorite artists of the moment, Vince Staples... » Read More |

Tip #139: Read this Susan Howe poem

Susan Howe is an American writer from Boston whose poems have pushed the limits of language and structure for over 40 years. We love poetry... » Read More |

Tip #138: Read Harold McGee on 'Perception vs. Reality'

We’re huge fans of Harold McGee. His writing on the intersection of food and science was one of our biggest inspirations in the style and... » Read More |

Tip #137: Listen to Oddisee's Alwasta EP

It’s so refreshing to find really good new Hip-hop these days - Music that reminds us of the best qualities of the art but brings... » Read More |

Tip #136: Watch the Clojure Spec screencast

Those kooky Clojureists are always up to something, aren’t they? This time, they’ve introduced a library called Spec which does … a lot. It’s... » Read More |

Tip #135: Make some pickles, please

Cucumber Pickles were the first thing that sent AQ off on a decade long (and very much still going) exploration of fermentation and cooking with... » Read More |

Tip #134: Explore the Original Apollo 11 Guidance Computer (AGC) source code

In a story that sounds almost designed for a Beats, Rye, & Types tip, the source code for the original Apollo 11 Guidance Computer... » Read More |

Tip #133: Listen to Joe McPhee's 'Nation Time'

Joe McPhee’s 1970 live album “Nation Time” is a legendary holy grail LP that captures the essence of everything that is so amazing and powerful... » Read More |

Tip #132: Read Between the World And Me by @tanehisicoates

It doesn’t take any effort today to be aware of the violence and systemic racism that plagues this country. Even as people who grew up... » Read More |

Tip #131: Listen to nature

We first heard the name Bernard “Bernie” Krause back in our crate digging days - he was half of the famed Beaver & Krause,... » Read More |

Tip #130: Learn how to smoke food with your grill

We know you probably needed this tip before the July 4th weekend, but theres still an entire summer to experiment in the outdoors with the... » Read More |

Tip #129: Watch Anthony Hamilton on Tiny Desk Concerts

Some times soul music doesn’t have the same emotional connection without live performance. While we’ve been following Anthony Hamilton for a little while now, seeing... » Read More |

Tip #128: Make some 'Potions of the Caribbean'

We love cocktails. The variety is dizzying and the techniques can sometimes seem out of reach of normal humans, but there are plenty of drinks... » Read More |

Tip #127: Watch Charity Majors on technical decision-making

We wish we could have been at the Velocity Conference a couple of weeks ago to see Charity Majors deliver this great talk about... » Read More |

Tip #126: Listen to 75 Dollar Bill

We all have friends that recommend music to us - sometimes we take their advice, and sometimes we don’t. We all also have friends that... » Read More |

Tip #125: Make tortillas from scratch

One of our favorite cookbooks in recent memory is Tacos: Recipes and Provocations by Alex Stupak and Jordana Rothman. We’ve waxed poetic about the... » Read More |

Tip #124: Eat more flowers

Last week we told you to eat more weeds - we hope you did. This week, despite madness all over the world, we have cause... » Read More |

Tip #123: Listen to Althea & Donna 'Uptown Top Ranking'

We are unabashed fans of all kinds of reggae music, from roots to dancehall to dub and back again. When we really feel like getting... » Read More |

Tip #122: Make a broccoli sandwich

One of our favorite restaurants when we lived in NYC was Brooklyn’s No 7.. We were very delighted when they opened their sandwich restaurant... » Read More |

Tip #121: Read Michael Nygard's 'Release It!'

There are only a handful of programming books that stay on our shelves for a long time. Unfortunately, so many are tied to specific languages,... » Read More |

Tip #120: Read the 'Big Daddy' David Axelrod Interview

David Axelrod (the musician and producer, not the political strategist) is a notoriously prolific and cantankerous personality who probably produced a lot of music... » Read More |

Tip #119: Eat more weeds

You may not be aware of it, but tons of the wild plants that we often refer to as weeds are actually not only edible... » Read More |

Tip #118: Play Jessie Frazelle's contained.af

Jessie Frazelle is one of our favorite modern computologists. She’s a skilled hacker, an exemplary Open Source maintainer, a thoughtful writer, and is just... » Read More |

Tip #117: Listen to Dâm Funk - Dj Kicks

We’ve been listening to Dâm Funk’s strange and melodic modern funk music since 2009’s Toeachizown. We discovered it, because we will listen to... » Read More |

Tip #116: Order some spices from Kalustyan's

We admit it. After living in New York City so long, we’ve become spoiled. We’re used to having everything at our fingertips, and having to... » Read More |

Tip #115: Watch 'Jodorowsky's Dune'

Being people with the tendency toward obsession we love stories of the obsessed and one of our recent favorites is Jodorowsky’s Dune. After the... » Read More |

Tip #114: Try Elm

We love programming languages. We love that new ones come out all of the time, that boundaries are being pushed, that they represent both the... » Read More |

Tip #113: Cook every recipe from 'Beyond The Great Wall'

There are some cookbooks on our shelves that we treat with reverence - they are kept pristine, perfect in their dustcover, looked at for inspiration... » Read More |

Tip #112: Listen to Bobby Hutcherson's 'Now'

Bobby Hutcherson is best known as a jazz vibraphonist - his albums for Blue Note are legendary for their range, spanning from hard bop to... » Read More |

Tip #111: Watch Sandi Metz tell your future

Even though its almost two years old, Sandi Metz’s talk from RubyConf 2014 has stuck with us. In it, Sandi - one of our... » Read More |

Tip #110: Read the oral history of Fat Beats

We were both lucky enough to be around New York City during one of the resurgences of indie hip-hop greatness: the late 90s. The epicenter... » Read More |

Tip #109: Listen to Mark McGuire's 'Beyond Belief'

We’ve been a fan of Mark McGuire since his days with Emeralds, but his more recent explorations - especially his latest album from 2015 Beyond... » Read More |

Tip #108: Learn some Japanese Style Rice 101

Recently we’ve become obsessed with the rice from Koda Farms in California. After picking some up at a local grocery store on the recommendation... » Read More |

Tip #107: Read about the history of the world through Salt

We were browsing on our bookshelves thinking about what books we feel like we learned the most from in the past years and one of... » Read More |

Tip #106: Make some flavored sugar

Making simple pantry items like flavored sugar is an awesome way to enhance, extend, or preserve your favorite flavors. Whether it’s the height of your... » Read More |

Tip #105: Send a postcard to a friend

Email is great. SMS is cool, its got emojis. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, all fun. We love and use all of this technology every day,... » Read More |

Tip #104: Listen to Francis Bebey's Psychedelic Sanza

While exploring different regional African music this year, we stumbled on the work of Cameroonian musician, poet, and author Francis Bebey. He recorded over... » Read More |

Tip #103: Learn about RAFT and Distributed Consensus

If you work on the internet (and especially in the world of systems programming), eventually you’re going to run into problems that fall under the... » Read More |

Tip #102: Put some pesto on your ramen

When it comes to food, even though we love to spend our time thinking, plotting, planning, and executing large, outrageously complex meals, sometimes that gets... » Read More |

Tip #101: Listen to Ovalcommers

Recently we were lamenting the closing of a New York City record shopping institution: Other Music. We’ve had a hard time even remembering the music... » Read More |

Tip #100: Listen to Chance 3

Since our relationship was cemented by our mutual love of hip-hop, it’s very appropriate that our ONE HUNDREDTH TIP !!! should be a recommendation for... » Read More |

Tip #99: Read @aphyr's 'Clojure from the ground up'

Even though neither of us write Clojure day-to-day, we’re big fan’s of its methodology and have learned many useful lessons just by reading and... » Read More |

Tip #98: Check out Zach Lieberman's computational art

Zach Lieberman describes himself as “an artist, researcher, hacker dedicated to exploring new modes of expression and play.” Zach uses code to produce beautiful,... » Read More |

Tip #97: Read the Faviken cookbook cover to cover

Magnus Nilsson’s Faviken Cookbook is one of our absolute favorites of the past couple of years. It belongs firmly to our ‘aspirational cookbook’ shelf... » Read More |

Tip #96: Get some salt-packed capers

Capers are one of those foods that you hear a lot of people talk shit about. “I don’t like capers.” “Capers are gross.” Most... » Read More |

Tip #95: Explore the Nimbus West Records catalogue

Nimbus West is a seminal record label in the subgenre of jazz called “Spiritual Jazz,” which often mixes different rhythms, vocals, and emotions into the... » Read More |

Tip #94: Listen to Matz talk about the history and future of Ruby

Yukihiro Matsumoto, aka Matz, was on one of our other favorite podcasts The Changelog this week to talk about the history, future, and... » Read More |

Tip #93: Read Jim Harrison

Jim Harrison was bigger than life. When he passed away earlier this year, us and many of our food and literature fanatic friends were... » Read More |

Tip #92: Listen to Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith's EARS

It’s not really a secret that we have a thing for strange and beautiful electronic music. So far this year the album that’s most captured... » Read More |

Tip #91: Watch the SICP lectures

The Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs, better known as SICP (full text available online here) is perhaps the greatest textbook on computation and... » Read More |

Tip #90: Read this Brautigan poem

Richard Brautigan is one of our favorite writers and poets. It’s a rainy Friday where we live, and Spring is being stubborn. Maybe it needs... » Read More |

Tip #89: Watch Peter Blasser describe the Shnth

In a search for tool-kits for building synthesizers (a fun project that combines our love of computers and music) we stumbled on the work of... » Read More |

Tip #88: Listen to Count Ossie and The Mystic Revelation of Rastafari

We recently came across this amazing David Katz piece on Count Ossie, one of the most important figures in Jamaican music history. A deep,... » Read More |

Tip #87: Read about the history of video games

This weekend we were reading about how Woz created a BASIC from scratch for the Apple I. One of the things that struck us... » Read More |

Tip #86: Make this eggplant sandwich

We’ve told you before how we feel about eggplant, so you can imagine our delight when we saw that it was getting its... » Read More |

Tip #85: Listen to the first Secos & Molhados LP

The first time someone recommended that we check out the first Secos e Molhados LP, it didn’t take very much convincing - the cover... » Read More |

Tip #84: Watch 'The World According to John Coltrane'

We really, really, really love John Coltrane’s music. It’s been tough holding out on telling you to listen to him yet, but until then, we... » Read More |

Tip #83: Read about the history of Japanese Food in America

Food history is one of our major obsessions and we love finding interesting stories about how and when traditional foods cross borders. This fascinating... » Read More |

Tip #82: Watch the story of the science software in the Mars Curiosity

Like a lot of kids who grew up in the 80s we have always been space nerds. When NASA launched the Curiosity Rover to... » Read More |

Tip #81: Find some Hodo Soy Tofu

One of our favorite new places to eat is New York City’s vegetarian mecca Superiority Burger. The chef Brooks Headley and his crew are... » Read More |

Tip #80: Get the fuck outside

It’s Earth Day today, and while we all want to be inside ‘disrupting’ or ‘hack-a-lacking’ you should be outside, enjoying this insanely beautiful planet... » Read More |

Tip #79: Read the GoGameGuru recaps of Sedol vs. Google DeepMind

The recent Go matches between Lee Sedol and Google’s DeepMind AI caused quite a stir, even beyond the Go and AI communities. Mainstream attention was... » Read More |

Tip #78: Listen and read about Nigerian Rock music

Wake Up You! The Rise and Fall of Nigerian Rock is a powerful new compilation of unheard and frankly extremely good music from an... » Read More |

Tip #77: Learn how to build a two-zone fire for grilling

The second it even hints at getting warm outside, we’re rushing out to buy a fresh batch of charcoal, roll out the grill and cook... » Read More |

Tip #76: Listen to Theo Parrish 'Black Jazz Signature'

When we heard that Theo Parrish, one of our favorite producers, was releasing a mix of music from the Black Jazz label, one of our... » Read More |

Tip #75: Watch the 'Why Falcor?' Video

Our good friend and JavaScript guru David Nolen told us to check this video out about a year ago, and we’re just now getting... » Read More |

Tip #74: Read The Chez Panisse Menu Cookbook

We reach for our copy of The Chez Panisse Menu Cookbook not when we’re looking for recipes, but when we’re looking to be inspired.... » Read More |

Tip #73: Listen to 'Musik for Autobahns'

Gerd Janson presents Musik for Autobahns has been on frequent rotation for us as it’s some of the best programming music we’ve ever come... » Read More |

Tip #72: Listen to (and support) local radio

After we moved out of the city (yes, NYC, “the city” forever), we realized that we needed some reliable ways to keep in touch with... » Read More |

Tip #71: Watch 'The Mother of All Demos'

On December 9th, 1968, Douglas Engelbart gave a demonstration at the Joint Computer Conference’s Fall edition in San Francisco that set the tone and pace... » Read More |

Tip #70: Get some really good peanut oil

Sometimes, we’re not very smart. For instance, we’ve known for years that there’s a difference between regular olive oil and REALLY GOOD olive oil. There’s... » Read More |

Tip #69: Read 'The Art of Fermentation' by @SandorKraut

There are a few cookbooks on our shelves that we consider more than books. These are tomes, volumes we treat as our guides to living... » Read More |

Tip #68: Listen to Maalem Mahmoud Guinia and Floating Points

Floating Points Elaenia was one of our favorite albums of last year, so we were double stoked when we discovered his recordings with... » Read More |

Tip #67: Watch @skamille on How to Stay in Love with Programming

Our good friend, Camille Fournier is an ever-flowing font of wisdom and advice. She writes and gives talks and was one of... » Read More |

Tip #66: Get an e-book from your local library

Did you know that it’s possible, even likely, that your local library has access to online services which allow library members to download and use... » Read More |

Tip #65: Listen to every episode of @SongExploder

First of all, you know we’re not going to be on some bullshit April fools stupidity. This is a legitimate tip that we are excited... » Read More |

Tip #64: Burn your greens

Spring is in the air on the East Coast of the USA, and we’re planning on burning some stuff in celebration. We recently saw our... » Read More |

Tip #63: Read Fogus's new eBook about Forth

We were very excited this week to see that one of the technical writers we most admire, Michael Fogus released his new eBook/Magazine, » Read More |

Tip #62: Listen to mrb's 'Now Freedom Now' mix

We both grew up collecting things (comic books, baseball cards, embarrassing stories) and for better or worse, continue to indulge our hoarder-like tendencies into our... » Read More |

Tip #61: Register to Vote

Though we have our own strong political beliefs that we’ve expressed in different forms throughout our posts and shows, we care more about having the... » Read More |

Tip #60: Make some preserved lemons

Preserved lemons are made by submerging lemons, their juice, salt, and other spices in a jar, and then waiting. Waiting is the magic ingredient in... » Read More |

Tip #59: Celebrate programming languages (co)created by women

We’re super lucky to be alive at a time when you can learn about amazing people and their research by keeping up with them on... » Read More |

Tip #58: Listen to ATCQ - Midnight Marauders on Repeat

In light of the sad news today that Phife Dawg has passed away we just want you to do something you should already be... » Read More |

Tip #57: Use the bacon method

This is a very short tip. You probably love bacon. If you do, use The Bacon Method. » Read More |

Tip #56: Read about the leaders of Black Lives Matter

To get a little background for our latest episode with Idalin Bobé, this recent New Yorker article by Jelani Cobb paints an interesting... » Read More |

Tip #55: Listen to 'Music for 18 Musicians'

It’s no secret that when it comes to music, our tastes are not what you’d call ordinary. We’ve spent hours discussing our various musical obsessions... » Read More |

Tip #54: Get a 4x daily dose of Middle Eastern history

One of our favorite internet artists (we love the future) is Darius Kazemi, better known as @tinysubversions on Twitter. Darius has created tons... » Read More |

Tip #53: Make music by programming with Sonic Pi

We love things that overlap more than one of our interests, and Sam Aaron’s Sonic Pi hits a ton of them. Not only is... » Read More |

Tip #52: Watch Stephanie Morillo on Inequality and The Bronx

We love when a talk at a conference silences and audience and makes them think - when the power of the speakers voice and words... » Read More |

Tip #51: Cook everything on sheet pans

We’ve told you before that we prefer to shop at restaurant supply shops over fancy brand name kitchen stores - they sell battle-tested equipment at... » Read More |

Tip #50: Buy Some BubbleSort Zines

By the way we’re super stoked because this is 🎉🎉🎉 Tip #50! 🎉🎉🎉 One of the pillars of Beats, Rye, & Types is ABL -... » Read More |

Tip #49: Listen to J Dilla - Donuts for the 8143613th time

On this #tbt, we’re in disbelief that its been 10 years since J Dilla (aka Jay Dee) released Donuts, possibly the definitive instrumental hip-hop... » Read More |

Tip #48: Listen to Alan Watts on Pain

Alan Watts was a philosopher and culturally influential figure who made it his mission to explain, amongst other things, Buddhism in a way that... » Read More |

Tip #47: Filter all your cooking water

We’d heard stories about how some big restaurants have crazy water filtration systems, but it wasn’t until we read the essay about water in » Read More |

Tip #46: Read the story of Word Perfect

We love reading real world tales of how business can succeed and fail by the will of their leaders. “Almost Perfect” by W.E. Pete... » Read More |

Tip #45: Listen to Relatively Clean Rivers

Winter is still hanging on for dear abandon here on the east coast of the United States, and we’re desperate for more Spring than the... » Read More |

Tip #44: Peel your ginger with a spoon

Ginger is one of our favorite ingredients, but it’s one that took us a while to learn how to work with properly. Storing, peeling, grating,... » Read More |

Tip #43: Play with Mary Rose Cook's Drum Machine

Mary Rose Cook helped build and shape one of our favorite institutions, The Recurse Center, which is renowned for empowering individuals to do... » Read More |

Tip #42: Listen to Mo Kolours evolving playlist

London based artist, Mo Kolours released one of our favorite albums of 2015 (and a previous favorite of 2014). His music is an eclectic... » Read More |

Tip #41: Watch Carin Meier on Chemical Computing

In her talk from StrangeLoop 2015 our friend Carin Meier gave an intriguing presentation looking at programming from a different angle. Chemical Computing... » Read More |

Tip #40: Use potato starch in your latkes

Of all of the dishes we ate during Jewish holidays growing up, latkes remain high up on our list of favorites. I mean, come on... » Read More |

Tip #39: Read about how Jed Schmidt built a community

About a year ago we had our first guest on the podcast - our friend, the inimitable Jed Schmidt. Even though we spent most... » Read More |

Tip #38: Listen to Philip Cohran and the Artistic Heritage Ensemble

Philip Cohran is an example of a jazz musician who you may not have heard of but who has most certainly shaped the history of... » Read More |

Tip #37: Read Brendan Gregg on Systems Performance

Technical writing can often be hit or miss, especially in a post-blog world, often technical material is dated by the time it is printed. » Read More |

Tip #36: Buy a fancy thermometer

We’re not really in the business of trying to get people to buy expensive items for their kitchens. In fact, we recommend you get most... » Read More |

Tip #35: Learn what tech workers can learn from Harry Bridges

Kelsey Gilmore-Innis is a backend developer, tech provocateur, First Lady aficionado, and is also really good at Twitter and giving talks at tech conferences... » Read More |

Tip #34: Watch the Google Ventures 'Unconscious Bias @ Work' video

Unconscious bias is a pernicious force that is a part of our day-to-day interactions with other human beings regardless of who we are or where... » Read More |

Tip #33: Learn how to 'flavor bounce' from Grant Achatz

Grant Achatz is one of our favorite artists - he just happens to be a chef (and restaurateur, author, entrepreneur, etc.). Neither... » Read More |

Tip #32: Listen to Prefuse 73's Classic Hip-hop Mix

A couple months ago one of our favorite artists (Prefuse 73), on our favorite labels (NinjaTune), dropped a mix of one of... » Read More |

Tip #31: Watch Kenneth Stanley on The Myth of the Objective

Kenneth Stanley’s talk Why Greatness Cannot Be Planned from earlier last year came across our desks this weekend and it was ripe for sharing.... » Read More |

Tip #30: Cook everything from The Frankie's Cookbook

The Frankies Spuntino Kitchen Companion & Cooking Manual or as it’s affectionately known in our houses “The Frankie’s Cookbook”, is by far the #1... » Read More |

Tip #29: Listen to The Field's 'From Here We Go Sublime'

Axel Willner, better known as The Field, released “From Here We Go Sublime” (Spotify, Amazon) in 2007 on one of my all-time favorite... » Read More |

Tip #28: Read Google's Borg Paper

We’re big fans of research papers that describe real-world systems and their successes and failures. A lot of the best ones come from the biggest... » Read More |

Tip #27: Listen to the psychedelic sounds of a German political art commune

With all of this talk of a political revolution in the United States, my mind has naturally been craving all merit of art, literature, and... » Read More |

Tip #26: Make iced coffee this way

As delicious as iced coffee is, it can be difficult to get it right at home. Making a fresh pot of coffee and then letting... » Read More |

Tip #25: Get a stew goin' - Make Thomas Keller's Beef Bourguignon

I don’t know about you, but winter-time just makes me want a stew. Being the food snob that I am though, I can’t just have... » Read More |

Tip #24: Listen to Grand Puba 'Reel to Reel'

#tbt To coming home after school and spending my parents money to order Grand Puba ft. Mary J Blige - Check It Out... » Read More |

Tip #23: Watch Rich Hickey's Talk - Simple Made Easy

Rich Hickey’s talk about Clojure and ‘Complecting’ - Simple Made Easy is one we reference and think about a lot. Looking back at this... » Read More |

Tip #22: Eggplant is fucking delicious

Growing up, I wasn’t much for eggplant. The only time I ate it was in an the occasional eggplant parm hero, which can hardly count... » Read More |

Tip #21: Listen to a year of Beats, Rye & Types

This sounds like a very self-serving tip (and how!) but it’s been exactly a year since we launched this here enterprise and we couldn’t... » Read More |

Tip #20: Play with Racket

Racket is a programming language in the Lisp tradition that is different from other programming languages in a few important ways. It can... » Read More |

Tip #19: Listen to Aretha Live at Fillmore West

You can definitely say our music tastes are eclectic, but I feel like you probably don’t have a soul if you don’t love Aretha. I... » Read More |

Tip #18: Check out Marvin Minsky's list of students

The world recently lost Marvin Minsky, who died at the age of 89 after living the kind of life that inspired millions. He was an... » Read More |

Tip #17: Listen to Grouper - Ruins

Something about these cold, blustery, and quiet days have us reaching for music that heightens, rather than changes those feelings. Grouper’s “Ruins” is one... » Read More |

Tip #16: There is such a thing as great dried pasta

Last week we were in NYC briefly to celebrate some good work on the Pizza Book and had a late snack at Eataly.... » Read More |

Tip #15: Salt your boiling water until it tastes like the ocean

When you are boiling pasta or blanching any kind of vegetable, you have the opportunity to season that food while you cook it. Pasta that... » Read More |

Tip #14: Listen to the Sounds of a Revolution in Brazil

“Tropicália ou Panis et Circencis” is more than a collaborative album, more than a compilation. It’s more than music, in fact, and reaches beyond... » Read More |

Tip #13: Use autojump

While we’re not really very intense about optimizing our local development setups for writing software, both of use some software that we couldn’t live without.... » Read More |

Tip #12: Subscribe to Jacobin Magazine

Jacobin was one of our favorite discoveries of 2015. We ended up discussing articles from the magazine, self-described as “a leading voice of the... » Read More |

Tip #11: Read Sol Lewitt's 'Sentences on Conceptual Art'

Beginning with “Conceptual artists are mystics rather than rationalists. They leap to conclusions that logic cannot reach.” and ending with “These sentences... » Read More |

Tip #10: Shop at a restaurant supply store

Cooking can seem like an awfully expensive hobby sometimes, one that is relegated to people willing to buy very expensive equipment to use in their... » Read More |

Tip #9: Listen to Brian Eno - Music For Airports

In the wake of the sad news of one of our heroes passing earlier this week, we (along with a lot of the world)... » Read More |

Tip #8: Speak at a local meetup

At this point, MRB and I have become seasoned tech speakers. It wasn’t always that way, though. We got our start speaking at our local... » Read More |

Tip #7: Listen to John Fahey's 'Guitar Volume 4'

I recently moved to Takoma Park, Maryland, a few hundred feet from where John Fahey grew up. It was actually a coincidence since I’ve been... » Read More |

Tip #6: Get a digital kitchen scale already

If you plan to make Pizza or really do any kind of baking a digital kitchen scale is a hard requirement. SeriousEats has... » Read More |

Tip #5: Watch @IdalinBobe’s Strange Loop talk

Tech conferences are known for a lot of things, but breaking with the status quo and pushing a Social Justice agenda aren’t usually on that... » Read More |

Tip #4: Learn how to strace

If you’re a developer who writes code for production, your day job is probably more aptly titled “Debugger”. Regardless of what language you program in,... » Read More |

Tip #3: Smoked Paprika: You Need This

One of the best things you can do for your kitchen is throw out all of your old, nasty spices and buy new ones. When... » Read More |

Tip #2: Listen to Mecca and The Soul Brother

This isn’t really a secret or mind-blowing revelation, more of just a reminder. Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth - Mecca and The Soul Brother... » Read More |

Tip #1: Never Cook The Pizza Sauce

We know a thing or two about pizza, and you can trust us when we tell you that you should never cook the tomato... » Read More |