A Pizza Book Progress Report, Feb 2016

It’s been almost two months since the Kickstarter ended and The Pizza Book was successfully funded. We’ve been pretty quiet since then because we’ve been heads down working on finishing the book. I wanted to share some progress and give you an idea about what we’ve been up to.

This is a self-published book which means that we’re organizing everything ourselves. While we might work with a publisher in the future, we’re DIY as a rule so this is a big fun learning process for us.

So what makes up a cookbook?

Very generally:

  • Writing
  • Editing
  • Photography
  • Layout + Design
  • Marketing + PR
  • Printing
  • Distribution/Sales

Here are some updates on each of those items!


We spent a lot of time in the past months wrapping up writing the actual book. We had sketches of a lot of the sections and the recipes written down in various places. We collected them, wrote a bunch of essays, and fleshed out the main recipe. At this point we’ve amassed about 45K words and we still have some items to finish. We’re very proud of how this has been coming along and can’t wait to share these recipes and stories with you.


Last week we started working with a professional editor. Sonya Masinovsky was introduced to us by a good friend and shares our deep passion for great cookbooks. So far her work has mainly been helping us clarify the voice and story of the book but she’s starting to get busy with the recipes this week. She’s already made the book better.


We had a one day photoshoot this past summer with our photographer, Tom Smith, and captured all the great images you saw as part of the campaign. We knew we needed more photos so a few weeks ago, Steve flew from Santa Monica, CA to Kingston, NY and we had a full 3 days of cooking and getting photos. We had a blast getting everything gorgeous and managed to cook a lot of perfect pizzas. We’ve been processing and editing them since but here are some previews of what’s to come:

We captured over 1000 amazing photos and have even more behind the scenes stuff to share with you soon.

Layout + Design

Steve has been working tirelessly for the past weeks taking our preliminary text and these images and laying them out into an actual book. This process not only involves creating a design system for the recipes and stories, but also choosing and laying out the copy and photography in ways that enhances the story. We’ll have some early pages to share in the coming weeks.

Marketing + PR

We’ve started to talk to a couple PR agencies and have some promising leads. Unfortunately a lot of this work is stalled until we have a rough copy of the full book to start sending around. We are trying to plan a small book tour for the early summer. If you run a book store or a restaurant on the east or west coast and are interested in hosting an event, let us know!


We have a printer locked down and ready to go. We went over some samples and some beautiful paper stocks and found some very nice part-recycled options that fit in our budget. This book is going to look like a million bucks.

Distribution + Sales

Similarly to PR conversation, we’re in a little bit of a deadlock with book stores and distributors until we have a rough copy to share. In the meantime, we’ve set up our own online store at which will continue to operate for the foreseeable future. You and your friends can pre-order copies there right now.


This all brings us to the inevitable question of timeline. Right now we’re still on track to get the e-book version in your e-hands by the end of Q1 (that gives us a little more than a month). This print will take a little bit longer to get all the printing and fulfillment done (though our printer is also doing fulfillment so that should be prompt). We’re aiming for middle of Q2 (i.e. April or May) for the print book.

We love you all and thank you infinitely for you support and patience.

Photos by Tom Eberhardt-Smith

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