Welcome to 2016: The Year of Beats, Rye & Types

We’re pretty proud of what we accomplished as Beats, Rye & Types in 2015.

We recorded 42 episodes (actually more like 45 but a bunch were lost forever because of stupid sound issues).

We launched a successful kickstarter campaign for our book that exceeded our goals. Now we’re well into planning, writing, and getting ready to ship the final book.

We incorporated as an LLC in the State of Maryland.

2015 was our first year and we’re approaching 2016 with GUSTO, so watch out.

First order of business: We have a blog. You are reading it. Here we’ll share some of the META of BRT, including progress on our book, some insights into podcasting, etc.

Second, we’re launching a new way of sharing some of our knowledge: Daily Tips. Our goal is to bombard you with small bits of our wisdom on food, music, and programming once a day for every single weekday of 2016.

Third, There’s much more planned to come!

If you like what we got going on follow us on twitter, tell your moms to like us on facebook, and support us with some coffee money on Patreon.

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