Where are my Beats Ryes & Types?

In 2015, we pushed hard and managed to do almost weekly episodes of the podcast (42 in total). As you might have noticed, this year has been a little more sparse. A couple people have asked about the future of the podcast and when the next episode is coming out so this is a post to say we’re still here. As a team, not much has changed for MRB and AQ since last year, except we’ve been heads down spending all our time trying to finish The Pizza Book (more on that in another update).

The podcast actually takes a fair amount of time to produce, and we don’t want to just crap things out - we care about our listeners and want to keep the quality improving. Unfortunately, we also don’t have enough listeners and/or wealthy benefactors to really cover our time so we have to prioritize things that do. (Want to be a wealthy benefactor?)

We’re on a little hiatus until we can get the book out the door but we promise we’ll be back this summer. If you have guests or subjects you want to hear, let us know! In the meantime, we’re keeping up filing our Daily Tips, and you all can keep being awesome.

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