Episode 51: Trees

Episode 50: On my Spring Ish

Tip #178: Read a NYTimes profile of Alton Brown

Tip #177: Read about the link between deep neural nets and ... the universe

Tip #176: Listen to Samiyam and Earl Sweatshirt - Mirror

Tip #175: Implement a Wireworld

Tip #174: Make some chicken soup

Tip #173: Stir fry some greens

Tip #172: Listen to Kim Gordon's new single

Tip #171: Watch Large Professor make a beat

Tip #170: Slow roast all of those extra tomatoes

Tip #169: Make David Chang's Corn with Bacon and Miso Butter

Tip #168: Learn how public key cryptography works with clocks and paint

Tip #167: Read Seymour Papert's work

Tip #166: Read a Mozzarella Story

Tip #165: Listen to 'Musik von Harmonia'

Tip #164: Read about the Ugandan Film Industry

Tip #163: Watch Jacques Pepin make an omelette

Tip #162: Read Braitenberg's 'Vehicles'

Tip #161: Listen to the Vijay Iyer Trio

Tip #160: Eat more canned fish

Tip #159: Coffee plus Tonic equals very delicious

Tip #158: Read Tomatoland by Barry Estabrook

Tip #157: Listen to Cradle of Humanity

Tip #156: Read Alex Hillman on Community Building

Tip #156: Make some cold sesame noodles

Tip #155: Listen to 'Garcia'

Tip #154: Install the Earth View Extension

Episode 49: The King of Vegetables

Tip #153: See the data with VisuAlgo

Tip #152: Listen to @thesporkful 'This Hot Dog Tastes Like Home'

Tip #151: Make some spice blends

Tip #150: Listen to Drew Howard & Birthday Boy

Tip #149: Read the Movement For Black Lives Platform

Tip #148: Make @thefoodlab's Black Bean Burgers

Tip #147: Check out 'The Morning Paper'

Tip #146: Read Asimov's Foundation Trilogy

Tip #145: Listen to Broadcast 'Tender Buttons'

Tip #144: Cook everything out of the Zahav Cookbook

Tip #143: Watch Altman's '3 Women'

Tip #142: Listen to Michael Twitty on the Munchies Podcast

Tip #141: Listen to Digable Planets

Tip #140: Read Simone White's interview with Vince Staples

Tip #139: Read this Susan Howe poem

Episode 48: We Are Back

Tip #138: Read Harold McGee on 'Perception vs. Reality'

Tip #137: Listen to Oddisee's Alwasta EP

Tip #136: Watch the Clojure Spec screencast

Tip #135: Make some pickles, please

Tip #134: Explore the Original Apollo 11 Guidance Computer (AGC) source code

Tip #133: Listen to Joe McPhee's 'Nation Time'

Tip #132: Read Between the World And Me by @tanehisicoates

Tip #131: Listen to nature

Tip #130: Learn how to smoke food with your grill

Tip #129: Watch Anthony Hamilton on Tiny Desk Concerts

Tip #128: Make some 'Potions of the Caribbean'

Tip #127: Watch Charity Majors on technical decision-making

Tip #126: Listen to 75 Dollar Bill

Tip #125: Make tortillas from scratch

Tip #124: Eat more flowers

Tip #123: Listen to Althea & Donna 'Uptown Top Ranking'

Tip #122: Make a broccoli sandwich

Tip #121: Read Michael Nygard's 'Release It!'

Tip #120: Read the 'Big Daddy' David Axelrod Interview

Tip #119: Eat more weeds

Tip #118: Play Jessie Frazelle's

Tip #117: Listen to Dâm Funk - Dj Kicks

Tip #116: Order some spices from Kalustyan's

Tip #115: Watch 'Jodorowsky's Dune'

Tip #114: Try Elm

Tip #113: Cook every recipe from 'Beyond The Great Wall'

Tip #112: Listen to Bobby Hutcherson's 'Now'

Tip #111: Watch Sandi Metz tell your future

Tip #110: Read the oral history of Fat Beats

Tip #109: Listen to Mark McGuire's 'Beyond Belief'

Tip #108: Learn some Japanese Style Rice 101

Tip #107: Read about the history of the world through Salt

Tip #106: Make some flavored sugar

Where are my Beats Ryes & Types?

Tip #105: Send a postcard to a friend

Tip #104: Listen to Francis Bebey's Psychedelic Sanza

Tip #103: Learn about RAFT and Distributed Consensus

Tip #102: Put some pesto on your ramen

Tip #101: Listen to Ovalcommers

Tip #100: Listen to Chance 3

Tip #99: Read @aphyr's 'Clojure from the ground up'

Tip #98: Check out Zach Lieberman's computational art

Tip #97: Read the Faviken cookbook cover to cover

Tip #96: Get some salt-packed capers

Tip #95: Explore the Nimbus West Records catalogue

Tip #94: Listen to Matz talk about the history and future of Ruby

Tip #93: Read Jim Harrison

Tip #92: Listen to Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith's EARS

Tip #91: Watch the SICP lectures

Tip #90: Read this Brautigan poem

Tip #89: Watch Peter Blasser describe the Shnth

Tip #88: Listen to Count Ossie and The Mystic Revelation of Rastafari

Tip #87: Read about the history of video games

Tip #86: Make this eggplant sandwich

Tip #85: Listen to the first Secos & Molhados LP

Tip #84: Watch 'The World According to John Coltrane'

Tip #83: Read about the history of Japanese Food in America

Tip #82: Watch the story of the science software in the Mars Curiosity

Tip #81: Find some Hodo Soy Tofu

Tip #80: Get the fuck outside

Tip #79: Read the GoGameGuru recaps of Sedol vs. Google DeepMind

Tip #78: Listen and read about Nigerian Rock music

Tip #77: Learn how to build a two-zone fire for grilling

Tip #76: Listen to Theo Parrish 'Black Jazz Signature'

Tip #75: Watch the 'Why Falcor?' Video

Tip #74: Read The Chez Panisse Menu Cookbook

Tip #73: Listen to 'Musik for Autobahns'

Tip #72: Listen to (and support) local radio

Tip #71: Watch 'The Mother of All Demos'

Tip #70: Get some really good peanut oil

Tip #69: Read 'The Art of Fermentation' by @SandorKraut

Tip #68: Listen to Maalem Mahmoud Guinia and Floating Points

Tip #67: Watch @skamille on How to Stay in Love with Programming

Tip #66: Get an e-book from your local library

Tip #65: Listen to every episode of @SongExploder

Tip #64: Burn your greens

Tip #63: Read Fogus's new eBook about Forth

Tip #62: Listen to mrb's 'Now Freedom Now' mix

Tip #61: Register to Vote

Tip #60: Make some preserved lemons

Tip #59: Celebrate programming languages (co)created by women

Tip #58: Listen to ATCQ - Midnight Marauders on Repeat

Tip #57: Use the bacon method

Tip #56: Read about the leaders of Black Lives Matter

Episode 47: Activism and Technology with Idalin Bobé

Tip #55: Listen to 'Music for 18 Musicians'

Tip #54: Get a 4x daily dose of Middle Eastern history

Tip #53: Make music by programming with Sonic Pi

Tip #52: Watch Stephanie Morillo on Inequality and The Bronx

Tip #51: Cook everything on sheet pans

Happy Pi Day from The Pizza Book Crew

Tip #50: Buy Some BubbleSort Zines

Tip #49: Listen to J Dilla - Donuts for the 8143613th time

Tip #48: Listen to Alan Watts on Pain

Tip #47: Filter all your cooking water

Tip #46: Read the story of Word Perfect

Tip #45: Listen to Relatively Clean Rivers

Tip #44: Peel your ginger with a spoon

Tip #43: Play with Mary Rose Cook's Drum Machine

Tip #42: Listen to Mo Kolours evolving playlist

Tip #41: Watch Carin Meier on Chemical Computing

Tip #40: Use potato starch in your latkes

Tip #39: Read about how Jed Schmidt built a community

Tip #38: Listen to Philip Cohran and the Artistic Heritage Ensemble

Tip #37: Read Brendan Gregg on Systems Performance

Tip #36: Buy a fancy thermometer

Tip #35: Learn what tech workers can learn from Harry Bridges

Tip #34: Watch the Google Ventures 'Unconscious Bias @ Work' video

Tip #33: Learn how to 'flavor bounce' from Grant Achatz

A Pizza Book Progress Report, Feb 2016

Tip #32: Listen to Prefuse 73's Classic Hip-hop Mix

Tip #31: Watch Kenneth Stanley on The Myth of the Objective

Episode 46: Sandwiches are the best: The Tacos Edition

Tip #30: Cook everything from The Frankie's Cookbook

Tip #29: Listen to The Field's 'From Here We Go Sublime'

Tip #28: Read Google's Borg Paper

Tip #27: Listen to the psychedelic sounds of a German political art commune

Tip #26: Make iced coffee this way

Tip #25: Get a stew goin' - Make Thomas Keller's Beef Bourguignon

Tip #24: Listen to Grand Puba 'Reel to Reel'

Tip #23: Watch Rich Hickey's Talk - Simple Made Easy

Tip #22: Eggplant is fucking delicious

Tip #21: Listen to a year of Beats, Rye & Types

Episode 45: Ideas and Octopus with David Nolen

Tip #20: Play with Racket

Tip #19: Listen to Aretha Live at Fillmore West

Tip #18: Check out Marvin Minsky's list of students

Tip #17: Listen to Grouper - Ruins

Tip #16: There is such a thing as great dried pasta

Episode 44: Blame and Bias with Dave Zwieback

Tip #15: Salt your boiling water until it tastes like the ocean

Tip #14: Listen to the Sounds of a Revolution in Brazil

Tip #13: Use autojump

Tip #12: Subscribe to Jacobin Magazine

Tip #11: Read Sol Lewitt's 'Sentences on Conceptual Art'

Tip #10: Shop at a restaurant supply store

Tip #9: Listen to Brian Eno - Music For Airports

Tip #8: Speak at a local meetup

Tip #7: Listen to John Fahey's 'Guitar Volume 4'

Tip #6: Get a digital kitchen scale already

Episode 43: Technical Debt

Tip #5: Watch @IdalinBobe’s Strange Loop talk

Tip #4: Learn how to strace

Tip #3: Smoked Paprika: You Need This

Tip #2: Listen to Mecca and The Soul Brother

Tip #1: Never Cook The Pizza Sauce

Welcome to 2016: The Year of Beats, Rye & Types

Episode 42: Resolutions 2016

Episode 41: 2015

Episode 40: The Quiet Storm

Episode 39: The Pizza Book with Steve Berry

Episode 38: The Importance of Slack with Mathias Meyer

Episode 37: Small is Good with Justin Searls

Episode 36: Veganism and VCs with Alex Payne

Episode 35: The Timbre of Technology with Stephanie Morillo

Episode 34: Community - Experts Wanted

Episode 33: On Failure

Episode 32: Graphical Design with Rob Carmichael (aka Seen Studio)

Episode 31: The Best Thing We Ever Ate

Episode 30: Programming and Pots with Avi Arenfeld

Episode 29: Structured Journalism with Jacqui Maher

Episode 28: Stickin' it to The Man with Aaron Patterson

Episode 27: The Prism of Chinese Food

Episode 26: Not a Clip Show

Episode 25: Robots and Chickens with Carin Meier

Episode 24: 'Slicemeister, Talk to Me' with Adam Kuban

Episode 23: Free as in Free Puppy

Episode 22: Polyglots

Episode 21: Tin-pan Alley

Episode 20: Because we're in the same place

Episode 19: Talk Talk Talk

Episode 18: Research with Greg Borenstein

Episode 17: Portland Pizza with Sarah Minnick

Episode 16: Fatherhood with Andrew Gerrand

Episode 15: How to Shave a Yak

Episode 14: How to Eat

Episode 13: Books pt 1: The Foundations

Episode 12: Consensus with Camille Fournier

Episode 11: Being a Beginner

Episode 10: Passover

Episode 9: Magic

Episode 8: Current Obsessions with Jed Schmidt

Episode 7: Hip-Hop

Episode 6: GIMME PIZZA

Episode 5: Perfection

Episode 4: Tools

Episode 3: Sandwiches are The Best

Episode 2: The New Hotness

Episode 1: First Experiences